The founder Toby Mackintosh cooperates with Svante Dekker, two childhood friends, growing up together in the neighborhood De Jordaan in Amsterdam. Both attended the School for individual artistic education. Svante left as a young man to the land of his mother: Sweden. Toby went to the Wood and furniture College. There his love for art and antiques originated.
He also got acquainted with the work of the famous Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, designer of buildings, lamps, furniture and glass work. Functional Design, beginning 20th century. This had a great influence on Toby's later designs. 

Toby Mackintosh & Svante Dekker

Svante evolved in the meantime, in the barren Kosta Boda - of the old realm of glass, into a glassblower. He is at the moment the right hand of master glassblower Micke Johansson.
Toby regularly visits Svante and gets under the spell of glassblowing and glass work: the gloss, shine, colors and shapes inspire him.
He starts making his own designs: washbasins, taps, windows and lamps. It is contemporary new design, applied art, rendered by an old craft and by craftsmanship. Every piece is unique.

Micke Johansson